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Then please share with your network. Thank you so much for this! I have completed almost all of my undergrad without knowing about outline and am so grateful to find your post for my dissertation! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn More. Written by Lauren Tebay. Jeanette on April 8, at pm. Nikki on April 8, at pm. Ramnath Shodharthi on May 19, at am. Select a topic. Find out the term that you are interested in defining. You can make a list of words that you would be glad to explore.

Search for popular words in news, words related to art or science, words that make you laugh, and words that are unused. To be sure that you will reach the word count, and pick complex, abstract terms or words that are closely connected with personal experience. A great option is to choose words that have various definitions in different languages. One word can be perceived differently in some countries. Cultural attitudes differ throughout history.

Note: If the assignment asks you to define a certain term, skip this step. Step 3.

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Write a prompt about the topic. Start with writing everything that you know about the topic in your own words.

Developing A Thesis

Also state a simple definition of the term and an example that you already know, or read the first definition that you find in a dictionary. Avoid copying the definition — you need to write it in your own words. This exercise will be a foundation for your further writing and will show what you already know about the term from personal and academic aspects. Step 4. Collect information and structure it. There is an advised sequence of actions to find relevant information about the term. Look into a general dictionary and list all literal and associated meanings of the term.

Then proceed to more specific dictionaries related to certain disciplines like music, medicine, physics, philosophy, etc. Check reference books to find quotations or definitions made by famous people. To organize your research, make a custom table where you will be able to insert information that you have found and identify details that you need or want to add.

Step 5. Make an outline. A definition essay outline follows the standard 5-paragraph essay outlines.

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Make a plan for the body paragraph listing support points in the order of importance, starting with the most powerful definition at the beginning of your paper. Then structure the outline depending on the complexity of the term and conduct a more profound research. Introduction 1. Attention grabber 1. Quick overview of the term 1. Thesis statement 2.

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  7. Body paragraph I 2. A historical overview about the term and its origins 3. Body paragraph II 3.

    How to Write a Thesis Proposal Outline | Pen and the Pad

    List of explanations from various dictionaries with examples 4. Body paragraph III 4. Definition of term based on personal experience with examples 5. Conclusion 5. Summary of the main points 5.

    Writing an Outline

    Description of how the term has influenced your life. Step 6. Review some samples. Before you begin to write, read several good extended definition essay examples. One piece you can find in this article after these steps. Write the introduction. For example, it may be an anecdote or quotation. You can start with stating some interesting information from the history of this term or usage.

    Also it is necessary to state the main dictionary definition in your introduction so readers can understand the standard meaning from the very beginning. As the common definition will differ from those that you are going to state in the body paragraph, this will underline the fact that the term is multi-dimensional. Look over some ideas of definition essay introduction examples around the internet to get inspired. Write the thesis statement. As a part of the introduction, you should write a definition essay thesis statement that will shortly describe the term that you will be demonstrating in the body paragraph.

    Your thesis statement should not only point out the term you are going to define, but also the idea that you are going to prove. Limit it to no more than one or two sentences. Write the body paragraph. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that will be a short overview of the paragraph. In these paragraphs you need to tell the readers what the term means. You can start with telling the history of the term, how it was used, and how its meaning has changed through the years.

    Support your definitions with examples, facts, and other supporting points or details. Write the conclusion. A conclusion definition essay section is short but still important. Write several sentences that will sum up your writing and briefly restate the main points of your essay.

    Make an observation about the term and the supporting details that you have given in the body paragraph. Tell about what place the term has in your life.

    What makes a good thesis?

    Do you use this term in every day life? Does it have a special meaning to you? Has your own definition changed after the research? End the essay with a phrase that will create a sense of purpose or connect the reader with the term. Revise your first draft. Ask someone to read your text and evaluate its readability.

    gtcsonline.org/libraries/2020-04-09/how-to-download-movies-and-burn-to-dvd-on-mac.php Make sure that you have clearly stated all definitions and it tells the readers precisely what they should know in order to fully understand the term. Make sure that each paragraph has the topic sentence and that it offers a particular amount of information and is closed with a small conclusion and transitional phrase.

    Argumentative Essay Outline Section 1: Introduction

    Edit the complete essay. As soon as you finish your second draft, check the words, sentences, correctness of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Make sure that your text will be clear to readers, and sentences are complete and readable. Along with the spellchecker on your computer, use an available online plagiarism checker to make sure that your work is original enough to reach the needed originality score. Send the essay to the tutor. As soon as you will feel that your essay is totally complete and you have no doubts about its clarity, submit it to your tutor.

    We have asked one of our professional writers to make comments on an extended definition example, so you can better understand the structure and the overall tone that is usually used in writing a definition essay. Students frequently make the same mistakes in definition essays and reading this sample can help you avoid mistakes.

    Please, take into consideration the comments on the example of definition paragraph when writing your own essay. See our full collection of samples. All essays require time and passion, so make sure that you have both. Our team knows that the best way to start writing the essay is to follow each step of the step-by-step guide. Just start doing it and you will not even notice how you have written it. All you need is to leave enough time before the deadline to be able to complete the essay.

    Read our tips and sample paper to have a better understanding of how a definition essay should be written. We wish you strength and inspiration! My account. What Is a Definition Essay?

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