Right to education essay in english

Right to Education

We are a group of government, business and cultural leaders who have produced a roadmap for how we can live up to the education promise we have made under the global goals. This top 25 per cent are already delivering. They are improving their education systems fast and equipping their children with the skills they need for the future.

What we have to do now is focus more effort on the remaining 75 per cent of countries that are not yet hitting the mark. In these countries, we have to dramatically scale up investment in education systems to improve both the availability of education, but just as importantly, education quality.

To achieve this, the Education Commission report calls for a Financing Compact. The Financing Compact means that countries commit to invest and reform. In return, the international community offers leadership and education finance, and both are held accountable for their commitment. First, performance. This is about putting results front and centre. Successful education systems must invest in what works. Second, innovation. We must develop new and creative approaches. Education systems must innovate rather than just replicate.

Third, inclusion. We must reach every last child. We will not close the global learning gap unless leaders take steps to include and support those at greatest risk of being out of school. The poor, the discriminated against, girls, and those facing multiple disadvantages.

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The 75 per cent that are falling behind. This includes mobilising more domestic resources for education. Public spending on education must rise in these countries from 4 per cent to 5. That is truly a huge number. It makes the upfront investments needed seem small.

Education equals better lives. Access to decent work, improved health and life outcomes, and the dignity that comes from the ability to know and stand up for your human rights.

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In , we at the Commission are already taking the first steps to bring our vision of a learning generation into reality. First, advocating for the establishment of a new development bank for education. Work has already commenced in Uganda and Malawi with other countries joining in soon. Under this initiative, the Commission will work closely with the leadership of pioneer countries to push education up to the top of their domestic priority pile.

Leaders will undertake needed reforms, and invest more resources in the right places. The commission will then act as a bridge to international financing institutions, to attract even more resources from outside.

Right to education

By working in this way, we can trigger virtuous cycles of reform, investment and results. It is my hope, that is the year that we all finally stand up and prioritise education. At the Commission, we are trying to do our part.

However, we cannot do it alone. We need government, business and even individual citizens to step up. The case for education is indisputable, and we have no time to waste. Millions of children and youth around the world cannot wait any longer.

10 Lines on Education in English for Children and Students

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Published on 24 Jan — View Original. For children, it is their key to open the door to a better life. They are destined to stay locked in cycles of disadvantage and poverty. This cannot continue. To get the million children currently out of school, back in. To stop girls being excluded, or married off. There is also a special training of school drop-outs to bring them up at par with students of the same age.

The Right to Education act stretches to 18 years of coverage for children with disabilities, and other provisions covered in the act range from infrastructure development, teacher-student ratio and faculty are mentioned in the act. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights is an autonomous body set up to monitor the implementation of the act along with commissions set up by the States. The body in question was formed in the year The Right to Education act has clearly laid down distinct responsibilities for the centre, state and local bodies for its implementation.

However, a lot of states have been complaining about the lack of funds being received which is making it impossible to meet with the appropriate standard of education in the schools needed for universal education. Hence, the centre that is at the receiving end of the revenue will have to subsidize for the states. A committee set up to study the fund requirement for the implementation of the act estimated an initial capital requirement of approximately Rs. Later the principal amount was then increased to Rs.

However there is much debate on this.

Education Essay

Another important development in was to further stretch the act and implement it till the preschool age range, hence the age ceiling would rise from 14 years now to 16 years and would cover till class However this is under talks. On completion of one year a report was released by the Human Resource Development ministry, which did not reflect happy numbers. The report admits that 8. And there were several key legal commitments that were falling out of schedule. The Right to education act has met with a lot of criticism such as being called a draft that was hastily prepared, there was not much consultation made on the quality of education, on excluding children under the 6 year age range.

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right to education essay in english Right to education essay in english
right to education essay in english Right to education essay in english
right to education essay in english Right to education essay in english
right to education essay in english Right to education essay in english
right to education essay in english Right to education essay in english
right to education essay in english Right to education essay in english
right to education essay in english Right to education essay in english

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