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Oil Drilling and Pollution

Its revenue in the United States is approximately two hundred forty-six billion, with ninety-two thousand employees BP. It is not a good proposition to boycott British Petroleum because if that happens, the oil company will not be able to pay claims to the people who have lost everything in the Gulf of Mexico. A boycott would also affect the small business owners who own these stations and further cripple their livelihoods.

The only connection these business owners have with British Petroleum is the contract to buy gasoline. The production of life that begins in the marshes is now laden with massive amounts of oil. The cycle of life that begins here will be suffocated by the oil and therefore cease to exist. The natural lifecycle of the many animals that reproduce in this region is greatly affected.

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Innumerable animal species are returning to the Gulf region to breed among the damaging plumes of oil that saturate this once vibrant ecological labyrinth. The newborn offspring will be immediately subject to the hazards of the oil-filled environment and incapable of escaping from it. The food needed to sustain the new life in this region will come from the oil tainted environment and be directly fed to the newborns. The oil that is then ingested can cause poisoning of wildlife. Animals on every level of the food chain are affected as each one feeds on another to continue the cycle of life.

The animals that reside in the Gulf of Mexico, life-long inhabitants, each contribute to an immense ecosystem that make up the complex weave of life that, until now has thrived uninterrupted. Thus far, hundreds dead birds, sea turtles, dolphins, fish and starfish have washed up onto the shore.

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The collective damage to the animal life in this region may not be completely realized for many years. This disaster will permanently alter the lives of countless animals. The newborn animals are immediately subject to exposure of the oil-filled environment and incapable from escaping from it.

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The direct physical effects on the animals exposed to the oil are lethal. Exposure to the oil can cause animals to suffer impairment of their red blood cells. Injury to the airway or lungs of marine mammals can cause congestion, pneumonia, emphysema, or death by breathing in droplets of oil, fumes or gas. The clean-up has been slow and it appears there is twice as much leakage as what can be cleaned up. British Petroleum is still trying to burn off the oil on the surface of the ocean which is then polluting the air.

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At this point, every regulatory authority and British Petroleum is not moving fast enough to clean this mess up. They have the technology and the dollars to do this. There is not much progress being made and it has been almost three months.

The oil location process

Twenty billion will only make a dent in helping these residents regain control of their lives. This tragedy is a true example of what can happen when big business goes well beyond the unwarranted point of trying to cut costs. Their actions repeatedly support this statement. They are not paying the fishermen who are no longer able to work to support their families.

What is crude oil and what are petroleum products?

They are not paying for mass groups of workers to be trained to assist with clean up, nor providing the few who have received the training briefing the proper respirators to wear. Offshore drilling is one of the biggest sources of financial revenue for the population in and around this geographical region. Residents who have grown to rely exclusively on their steady income from oil drilling are rapidly experiencing such financial loss that their lives have become filled with financial uncertainty and their expectations for achieving employment remains in peril.

From the highest paid engineer to the lowest man on the rig, the loss of countless jobs that once were plentiful when the oil was being actively drilled will have a negative impact on their lives as well as our economy. In fact, the first reference to the rudiments of the petroleum industry dates back at AD, when the Chinese were drilling oil from wells about feet deep. While the active exploration of oil deposits and their mass exploitation began in 18thth centuries, the fact that oil as a natural resource was discovered more than 2 thousands years ago and employed by our ancestors ever since provides a clear understanding that a significant part of the onshore oil wells is already exhausted.

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The search for new oil reserves brought them to the ocean. The deep waters surprised with extraordinarily rich wells, but also challenged with the difficulties related to the offshore oil search and drilling. The new undertaking demanded the improvement of the existing oil drilling technologies employed for the then conventional onshore drilling and the development of new comprehensive and innovative solutions for the oil industry , that would allow for safe and effective deepwater drilling.

With the further development of the offshore oil drilling and the increased percentage of petroleum that comes from the deepwater wells, the supply of oil jumped up. Offshore drilling created a bunch on new local, often high-paying skilled jobs in the countries that desperately needed it. Sometimes the entire towns are built for families of workers operating the equipment of a local well.

Oil Drilling Essay

The deepwater oil drilling requires special equipment, which is more expensive than the setup of a conventional onshore well. The conditions on the offshore well make the accidents rather hard to contain and generate mass pollution. Oil spills harm the sea life. But the offshore oil drilling is quite harmful not only when the accidents on deepwater wells or transporting tankers happen.

The process of setting up the well equipment leads to the biosphere damage. Oil is formed from fossilized plankton and algae. The fossils collectively settle at the bottom of bodies of water, and are then buried by sediment. The places where oil deposits are most likely to be found are usually sedimentary basins where ancient seas dried up. The oil moves upwards from the porous sedimentary rock layer until it hits a layer of rock without enough pore spaces for it to move.

Upon location of an oil deposit through seismic detection or sonar, an oil rig is set up and a well is drilled down through the earth to the reservoir. The surrounding area is cleared, roads are set up for access to the site.

http://POTOLOKROSTOV.RU/cache/horror/vyny-visualizing-american.php A hole is then drilled down to the oil reserve and a pipeline is set up to bring it to the surface. Depending on the environment where the oil rig is bringing oil to the surface, different environmental effects can occur. If it is a deep ocean rig, the heavy metals in the rig and toxic compounds that are brought up along with the oil have serious effects on marine life.

Oil rig worker, Bernard Hancock, delivers pro-oil petition to Ottawa

For example, a study of growth in Philippine reef corals observed that there was a seventy-five to eighty percent reduction in overall coral cover in a wide, iron-contaminated area around the oil well. In Arctic and Antarctic environments, the already fragile ecosystem is placed under even more pressure by oil exploration.

The annual plants that are normally under the permafrost in the Arctic have a brief growing period during the spring.

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Pro oil drilling essay

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