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Still, there are no sock-puppets, and reference publishing — in deep doo-doo — must do what it can.

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We live in a relativist world: nothing is objectively "better" than anything else. To argue otherwise is elitist and reprehensible. This newspaper and other media seem to have abandoned confidence: every text is postscripted "What Do You Think? If it is not intensively researched, edited, proofed and rendered as "true" as possible, why bother to consult it?

Of course dictionaries are human inventions and subject to human failings. How not.

Education needs to promote the maxim: Thesis+Antithesis = Synthesis

Research continues and research means revision. All the better. But the days of Johnson's cracks about oats and Scotland are over and the aim is the disinterested assembly of material. And if not?

Then we have the Urban Dictionary. Every line a laff, but do we believe this farrago of misinformation, theorising, one-off terms and a level of "definition" based on a count of thumbs up and down? There is gold too, but often lost among the dross. Let us look up "slang", always a challenge. Top definition: "The only reason Urbandictionary. If I want fun, then I'll go to Roger's Profanisaurus.

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But I, and millions of others, also want practical, utile facts. Letting in the street will end no worlds but will it improve the quality of dictionaries? Form as ever faces off content. The form can be democratic as all hell, but in lexicon-land, surely the content is what matters. Oxford University Press.

Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms

New York. Style and Statement. New York, Oxford. Pearson, Longman. The Elements of Eloquence. A Dictionary of Literary and Thematic Terms. Checkmark Books. Categories : Rhetoric Figures of speech. It is precisely here that the problem lies.

In this environment, all information and communications received are targeted to reinforce their passions, interests and opinions. There is no exposure to ideas that differ from their own standpoint regarding any general interest subject. This is because these ideas do not appear in their bubble, or if they do, it is to discredit them.

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Education needs to vigorously promote that. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. It is not that lies will now be accepted as truth, and truth is defamed as lies, but that the sense by which we take our bearings in the real world. Education needs to promote the maxim.

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Antithetical | Definition of Antithetical by Merriam-Webster

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oxford dictionary antithesis Oxford dictionary antithesis
oxford dictionary antithesis Oxford dictionary antithesis
oxford dictionary antithesis Oxford dictionary antithesis
oxford dictionary antithesis Oxford dictionary antithesis
oxford dictionary antithesis Oxford dictionary antithesis

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