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He won't be in the honors college, but any general observations you have would be quite useful since the KU forum is pretty quiet. Good luck to you both. Xtrasparklesplz 89 replies 1 threads Registered User Junior Member. I'm a current student in the honors program at KU.

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It's pretty much the best thing ever at KU for smart students. At KU, there's a lot of diversity in the academic backgrounds of the students, so the honors program really helps honors students feel challenged in college. Honors classes are a LOT of fun. I was going to take regular biology last spring, but switched into honors biology after seeing how many people were asleep in the regular biology class it was , so fair I LOVED my honors biology class BIOL with a professor who was actually interesting and friendly and a great resource on campus.

I have very little biology background, and I didn't feel it was comparatively any more difficult than BIOL regular biology I'm not sure about the honors seminars, as they're a new thing this year for honors students. I know my tutorial quantum mechanics, philosophy, and fiction was super awesome and a great way to meet other honors freshmen. Also, my advisor was my professor for that class, so I got to know him better, and he got to know me better, which means better letters of rec in the future.

The Honors program at KU also is involved with a lot of honor societies and scholarships at the national level, so they are always around to help out with that sort of thing.

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For example, my honors chem prof recommended that I apply for some scholarships, and I actually won one of them, which was super exciting and now I have a full ride to KU. Specialized advising and priority enrollment are probably the two BEST things about the honors program though. From what I've heard, regular advising isn't that great. I had some friends who weren't in the honors program and they were WAY jealous of our advising, since their advisers didn't know much about their fields of study and don't really have a connection with their advisees.

Priority enrollment is so awesome - you get to enroll before the basketball players and all other athletes and before all of the other students at KU, even seniors, as a member of the honors program. So, you definitely can get into the classes you want. The honors program even has a special building on campus especially for honors students to hang out and study. There are a few classrooms there too, so some honors classes are held there.

It's really close to most of the residence halls on Daisy Hill, so unless you're in the schol halls, GSP, Corbin, or Oliver, you can probably walk there in 5 minutes or less. They hold barbecues and other special events for honors students - we had a Harry Potter movie night there last year, which was a lot of fun, including the butterbeer. Honors classes are so much smaller. I don't think being out-of-state affects whether you'll be accepted into the honors program or not. It's your academic record, and the types of scholarships that KU is offering you, I think.

If you get into the honors program, you definitely want to consider KU. The honors program is super fantastic, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

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How do you like the campus in general? I have a rising senior and we are looking at Iowa State and also Alabama. Is there a strong Greek Life? DD would be in Honors program.

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Is there an Honors dorm? Her major would be athletic training. Sorry for all the questions, but this forum has been so quiet that it's been tough to get answers! Thank you so much! So I know that the requirements for the honors college are around a 31 ACT or equivalent SAT , but not everyone who applies gets accepted right? About what percentage of kids get in who apply just a ballpark guess?

The campus is beautiful and located in a great college town. Lawrence and its residents are very supportive of KU and the students. Houses fly KU flags and residents sport KU colors. The city of Lawrence is very active and has a vibrant music scene. How does KU honors stack up compared to these schools? March Replies to: KU Honors vs.

Honors Programs: Why you should consider applying and what to look for

Other Schools? What do you know about the program?

Aurora 91 replies 34 threads Registered User Junior Member. Not sure if you will see this post because it's like 3 weeks later but I'm currently a freshman at the KU Honors program, and I think it's pretty cool so far.

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Lots of pre-med classes, clubs to join, fraternities for pre-meds, etc. Plus honors students at this school get a lot of perks compared to the rest of the student body.

We get to enroll in classes an average of 2 weeks earlier than everyone else, next year the honors program will have an entire dorm Templin Hall all to itself It's a bit less crazy than the other dorms and the focus is more on academics, though people still do party on the weekends. You can stay there if you want or go live elsewhere if you feel like it. I'm staying there next year The school offers a lot of honors classes, which are a lot smaller anywhere from people and more "personal" than the huge lectures which can literally have up to people.

Sometimes honors classes are a lot harder and more in depth than the regular version and other times they are basically the same class but smaller. Just depends on the professor you have. The honors program also has a lot of events and helpful things that you could go to, most of them are located in a building called Nunemaker that is right across the street from the honors dorm. Nunemaker looks tiny from the outside, but I swear it's bigger on the inside somehow :P Spiral staircases, lots of artwork, etc.

The events inside range from talks given by important people med school and grad school admissions people, KU deans of various schools, and visiting scholars from other universities to "how to" workshops about writing resumes and applying for internships, to social events like pizza parties and movie nights and "schedule release parties" where you can hang out and compare your class schedules for next semester. That's all I can think of at the moment If you see this, do you have any other questions about the honors program at KU?

March edited March Aurora Thanks for that info on the KU honors program. I have a son who is considering applying next year in engineering. When you say some honors sections are considerable harder do you mean you will be risking your GPA more than if you had just taken the regular class? Or in other words, are the profs curving you against other honors students but using the same curve definition as regular classes?

Snapping the horrible Big 12 losing streak against WVU and celebrating with the student section as they rushed the field. Get involved on campus early.

Replies to: KU Honors vs. Other Schools? What do you know about the program?

KU has more than student clubs and organizations, pick one and join. That way, you have an immediate cohort of friends to lean on when college gets tough. Also, it gives you a chance to build relationships and build your network for professional opportunities after you walk the hill. Previously, she represented the KU Office of Admissions helping to recruit future Jayhawks to campus.

The former KU softball student-athlete also spent time as a graduate assistant for the KU Leads program within KU Athletics where she helped advise the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and facilitated leadership programming and retreats. I visited campus for a KU softball camp and the feeling I had on campus was magnetic. When I returned home to St.

ku honors program essay questions Ku honors program essay questions
ku honors program essay questions Ku honors program essay questions
ku honors program essay questions Ku honors program essay questions
ku honors program essay questions Ku honors program essay questions
ku honors program essay questions Ku honors program essay questions
ku honors program essay questions Ku honors program essay questions
ku honors program essay questions Ku honors program essay questions

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