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Explicitly state this result. Additional findings major and minor can be described in subsequent paragraphs. Do not repeat detailed results that can be found in the Results section. In general, specific figure numbers do not need to be re-stated in the Discussion unless you feel that doing so would substantially enhance your argument or discussion point.

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A schematic of your proposed mechanism or model can often be helpful for clearly and concisely summarizing your major result s. How does your result s fit with existing literature? This is an important part of the paragraph and may require multiple paragraphs depending on the number of key studies that exist on your topic. This paragraph should be well-rounded, meaning that contrary reports must also be discussed. In the case of a contrary report, you should state your interpretation of how and why the results of the two studies differed.

Discussion Section

For example, did the approaches differ or were there major differences in sample sizes that may have affected results? Depending on how much information is available in the literature, a critical analysis of your major finding may require multiple paragraphs. In the following example, we state the approach bold and the main result underline. Example: In this study, we measured secreted factors in the media of sensitive and resistant cell lines to identify differentially expressed cytokines that may mediate resistance.

Through a combination of ELISAs and mass spectrometry-based assays, we identified cytokine A as being significantly up-regulated in resistant cells.

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This report is consistent with our finding that a major stimulus of ABCD signaling is overexpressed in resistant cells. This section will be greatly expanded in a real Discussion section to place your finding in the context of multiple published studies. Paragraph 3: Discuss additional findings and how these fit with existing literature.

Most studies yield multiple results. After you discuss your main result in the paragraph above, discuss additional major or minor findings. Unexpected and intriguing findings may be especially important to convey to readers. In addition, if a finding is contrary to what has been suggested in the literature, acknowledge this, and offer explanations based on your study.

Even if a result was not statistically significant, it can be helpful to discuss a potential trend that may be important to assess in a future study. If these additional findings relate to your main finding, discuss the associations. Paragraph 4: Discuss the limitations of the study. Discuss potential limitations in study design.

For example, how representative was your model? Did sample size affect your conclusions?

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Consider how these limitations affect the interpretation or quality of data. Do they affect the ability to generalize your findings? Paragraph 5: Discuss future directions. What major follow up studies are indicated based on your results? Most studies yield new discoveries that prompt additional studies.

Consider what new directions are supported by your findings. For example, do your experiments suggest that a specific molecule should be tested as a new drug target or that tissue-based studies or clinical investigations should be performed to translate your animal studies to patients? Making recommendations for follow-up studies is an important part of a Discussion. Paragraph 6: Discuss your overall conclusion and the major impact of your study.

What is the main take-home message of your study? What is the main contribution that your study makes to your field?

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Relate this section to the first paragraph of the Discussion. You are looking into the practical applications and saying what should come next. It shows you deserve to be qualified. As you can see, a good discussion is fairly involved and complex. Our website provides legit dissertation discussion writing from good, top rated writers.

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Discussion and Conclusion

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include discussion section thesis Include discussion section thesis
include discussion section thesis Include discussion section thesis
include discussion section thesis Include discussion section thesis
include discussion section thesis Include discussion section thesis
include discussion section thesis Include discussion section thesis
include discussion section thesis Include discussion section thesis
include discussion section thesis Include discussion section thesis
include discussion section thesis Include discussion section thesis

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