Frankenstein critical essay

The Mother Of The Novel Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

The novel describes what would happen in the future because of emerging scientific discoveries. I agree with the thesis statement because the novel provides a humanistic critique of either the nature of scientific thinking or specific technological inventions Ginn Reading the novel alongside making use of science fiction characteristics leads Professor Sherry Gin to argue that this novel qualifies to be a science fiction.

Ginn This novel conveys a serious critique of the science in the olden days, anti-female and anti-family. Ginn adequately argues that the novel is autobiographical in nature because the author portrays the desire for a stable family and space for women in the contemporary world.

Mary Shelley

As much as Mary made a statement about problems related to bad family relationships, it is not clear whether or not she had the intention of indicting her father for treatment on her in childhood. The second criticism is written by Naomi Hetherington who is a university tutor. She has taught for five years in the Department of English at London University. She has published a book titled Amy Levy: Critical Essays.


Artistically, Naomi argues that the novel belongs to the genre of allegory. Naomi argues that the novel abounds with the Christian iconography on the aspect of creation and fall, with pagan references from the legend about Prometheus and Zeus Hetherington, The two critics are different in perspective since they seem to explore totally different themes presented in the novel. The first critic has the view that Mary wanted to advance the position of women in the contemporary world and in the field of science, while the second critic has the opinion that Mary wanted to explore through fiction how it feels and what it means to be human in this self-regulating universe.

Naomi Hetherington. Laboratories and scientific experiments were not known to the average reader, thus this was an added element of mystery and gloom.

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Just the thought of raising the dead is gruesome enough. Shelley takes full advantage of this literary device to enhance the strange feelings that Frankenstein generates in its readers. The thought of raising the dead would have made the average reader wince in disbelief and terror.

Frankenstein story / structure/ author/ critical analysis

Imagining Victor wandering the streets of Ingolstadt or the Orkney Islands after dark on a search for body parts adds to the sense of revulsion purposefully designed to evoke from the reader a feeling of dread for the characters involved in the story. In the Gothic novel, the characters seem to bridge the mortal world and the supernatural world.

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Dracula lives as both a normal person and as the undead, moving easily between both worlds to accomplish his aims. Likewise, the Frankenstein monster seems to have some sort of communication between himself and his creator, because the monster appears wherever Victor goes.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Critical Analysis – Barbra Dozier's Blog

The monster also moves with amazing superhuman speed with Victor matching him in the chase towards the North Pole. Thus, Mary Shelley combines several ingredients to create a memorable novel in the Gothic tradition.

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    Frankenstein Mary Shelley. Pop Quiz! How old is Walton at the beginning of the story?

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