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Tourists should stop by the second pier, Pangkor Jetty as this is the main township in Pangkor Island and have a closer distance towards various beaches on the west cost of the island. Pangkor is a fascinating island that has had its share in history with its old fort and sights to see such as its fishing villages and temples.

Pangkor Town This is basically your one street town and with that one street being called the Main Street or Road. The shops there have an air about them that nothing has changed in the past 20 years. Here there are quaint coffee shops and souvenir shops and others selling sea products such as dried squids and cuttlefish, anchovies, dried pre-packed fish and dried shrimps. The ferry from Lumut stops at before arriving at the Pangkor Jetty. This quaint Chinese fishing villager offers a closer look at life of the average Chinese fisherman and his family.

The fishermen's houses are next to the docks and when they return with their daily catch. The womenfolk are ready with knives and baskets to prepare their catch Their catch, which includes small and big fish as well as squid are then dried in the sun and later soaked in a sweet, spicy sauce.

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The smell here however can be overwhelming, so those with sensitive noses and stomachs, should best avoid these places. This is principally the Chinese part of the island. The Foo Lin Kong Temple is worth a quick look.

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Located on the side of the hill, the main attraction is a mini Great Wall of China! If you're unsure, just ask the locals for directions.

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The Dutch Fort was built in as a strong point and a tin store. The Dutch attempted to monopolise the lucrative tin trade but despite the presence of the fort, smuggling of tin continued.

Today, the Museum Department has reconstructed the Fort and it stands in its original foundations. Batu Bersurat Tiger Rock On the right of the fort there is a little path leading into, what seems like a dead end. This is the entrance into a secluded area called Tiger Rock.

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A few dolphins accompanied us till Tioman Island. They were a joy to watch and that was the first time I saw real live ones. When we arrived at Tioman Island, we checked into a luxurious hotel which my father booked two rooms earlier. The rooms were really comfortable as they were air-conditioned. My parents shared a room while I shared a room with my sister, Cheng.

After a short nap, a tour guide brought us to the beach. The blue sea looked inviting and my father started swimming after changing into his swimming trunks. While my sister was collecting a variety of colourful seashells and placing them in a bottle, I was building a sandcastle on the soft golden-yellow sand.


We had a great time at the beach. During sunset, many holidaymakers came to the beach to watch the enchanting scenery.

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When we went back to the hotel, we had our baths before heading for the hotel restaurant for a sumptuous traditional buffet dinner. We had a lot of fun on the first day although it was quite tiring. The next day, I remember waking up to the sun's rays shining on my still-shut eyelids through the blinds. It was already late by the time we woke up so we had to rush or else the tour guide would have to wait for us.

You may even get a chance to try feeding some of the fish yourself. You can also find restaurants and cafes where you can get a good cup of coffee, and you can spend some time checking out the local antique shops. Don't Miss: Top Tours in Malaysia. Experience Malaysia: Authentic Malaysia Cooking Tour star star star star star star star star star star. Don't Miss: Top Tours in Thailand. Floating Markets Day Trip from Bangkok star star star star star star star star star.

essay about pulau pangkor Essay about pulau pangkor
essay about pulau pangkor Essay about pulau pangkor
essay about pulau pangkor Essay about pulau pangkor
essay about pulau pangkor Essay about pulau pangkor
essay about pulau pangkor Essay about pulau pangkor

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