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The liver receives the most damage from alcohol because it's responsible fort he breakdown of alcohol. Cirrhosis is the most dangerous liver ailment. Cirrhosis causes the scaar tissue to form,thhis blocks the flow of blodd through the liver.

Cirrhosis is found in 10 perecent of alcoholics. Alcohol can cause brain damge, kill brain cells, memory loss, emotional disturbances and loss of coordination. It can also cause cancer in the mouth, throat, stomach, and the liver.


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Alcoholics use alcohol to forget their problems and relief stress. Alcohol is America's most common problem. About ten million people are stimated to be alcoholics. Most alcoholics try to hide their problem, they sneak drinnks at work, have personality change, and drink in the morning to prevent hang overs. Every state has raiesed the legal limit to buy alcohol to Men are more likely tobe alcoholics than women.

Drinking and Driving

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Psychologists have also established a link between excessive drinking in young people with the need for attention. Most young people do this as a way of seeking the attention of their parents who are too busy to notice them.

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Among adults, use of other drugs is cited as one of the leading causes to excessive alcohol consumption. A mixture of drugs in ones systems easily impairs ones judgment and most people end up drinking too much without even realizing it. Whenever you have taken too much alcohol, the functioning of your brain is impaired which results in poor judgment. These usually results in unnecessary risk taking.

What usually happens is the brain takes more time to execute on some cognitive functions that require lightning fast responses. Information is therefore processed slower when you are drunk as opposed to when you are sober. In addition to this, alcohol consumption also leads to blurred and double vision.

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Driving when you are not seeing properly is nothing short of an accident waiting to happen. A drunk person is also overconfident which is the main reason that drunk people characteristically take unnecessary risks. Research shows that younger people are at greater risk than older people. This is because older people have probably been drinking for years and have a great alcohol tolerance unlike the younger ones who are probably just starting out.

But there is also the issue of underage drinking and driving. It raises the question of how the underage alcohol abusers access the alcohol to begin with.

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While some use fake ids to buy drinks, others easily access alcohol at home. Still, there are some unscrupulous businessmen who turn the other way and allow underage clients to purchase alcoholic drinks from them. The use of breathalyzers, introduction of government sponsored campaigns, and punitive measures should be used to try to curb drunk driving.

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  • Such steps will reduce the wanton loss of life and property due to the numerous accidents that have been attributed to driving while drunk. Take advantage of our easy to order service today. We have made ordering as simple as it can be. All we will ask you to do is to give us an email where we can send you progress reports of your order.

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