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If you answered yes to either or both questions, you need a paper shredder! Paper shredders are the most practical and secure solution to the disposal of sensitive and unwanted documents.

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For work-from-home individuals or manager moms, home is the last place you want stray, unwanted documents to be lying around. It is ideal for day-to-day use and light usage. The shredder accepts a maximum of 6 sheets at once to be shredded into small confetti pieces. This causes the need for a high-quality, heavy duty shredder to become more apparent. It can accommodate up to 15 sheets at one time and is capable of 1-hour of continuous shredding. A unique feature of this shredder is that it has an automatic jam protection system that automatically detects jammed papers and reverses the machine in case of overload.

It also has a paper shred capacity.

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Commercial shredders are important for shredding a large volume of sensitive documents. It even has a separate slot for shredding credit cards and CDs! Multi-functional, this is the shredding monster you need for your office and home. Cardboard can be difficult to shred due to its inflexibility which requires a different kind of shredder.

There has been one solution that is continually recommended to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft fraud, paper shredders, with most news stories advising us to invest in a shredder. The sales of shredders over the past five years have grown enormously; they are sold in a plethora of retailers from department stores to supermarkets.

Whilst the sales of shredders have grown the prices have fallen dramatically. My tips to avoid buying the wrong shredder: 1.

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The first item on your checklist is to decide what type of user you are? Next decide what type of environment will the shredder be used in most? The number of sheets you want to be able to shred in a single pass is a very important consideration? Remember the less sheet capacity a shredder has the longer it takes to shred your document.

For light home use a shredder capable of shredding over 6 sheets at a time should be a good starting point. For a business shredder being used by more than five people I would recommend no less than a 10 sheet capacity. Deciding the type of security you require will allow you to narrow the search for the right shredder. I have published a guide to the security levels available on shredders, use this to gain a greater understand of the options available to you. Probably the most important thing to consider is your budget, now everyone likes to get a bargain when shopping but is a shredder a product where you should buy the cheapest?

Consider what the shredder is doing for you? I like to think of my shredder as an insurance policy, I have never purchased the cheapest insurance policies and I ensure that I am protected from all risks. This is one area where saving money could actually cost you money.

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A well known supermarket was recently selling a shredder for? On closer inspection I noticed that it only cut a sheet of paper into strips that were 9mm wide! That would make it really easy to put back together as it is only 23 strips from a piece of A4 paper.

One of the most popular shredders I know about for home use is the HSM X5, this reduces a piece of A4 paper into over confetti type pieces! At under? A cheap shredder will not stand the test of time and is also more likely to jam when in use. A paper jam in a shredder is another major threat to your security, imagine you are shredding some documents and you get half way through and you experience a paper jam, after several minutes reversing the paper it is all to easy to discard the half shredded material in a waste bin.

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

If a bin raider discovers this in your rubbish it is like gold dust, they instantly recognise sensitive information and this sticks out like a sore thumb. If you use a cheap, noisy and low cutting capacity machine it will undoubtedly lead to frustration and after time you will forget all about shredding as it is too much of a chore.

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If you but the right shredder first time you will actually save money.

cheap paper shredder singapore Cheap paper shredder singapore
cheap paper shredder singapore Cheap paper shredder singapore
cheap paper shredder singapore Cheap paper shredder singapore
cheap paper shredder singapore Cheap paper shredder singapore
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