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World War II

Groupings might include the growth of mechanization in both areas, the dominance of female labor in Japan and male labor in India, and testimony about peasant labor in both areas. You could use a single document as evidence for a variety of characteristics of mechanization and weave it into the essay at appropriate points.

You should also create subgroupings within overarching themes.

World History Essay

Your essay should also analyze perspectives in at least two documents , explaining the contextual reasons that an author might have the opinion or point of view presented. You'll need to identify the additional document asked for in the question, and explain how it would contribute to your analysis. You could earn extra points for m entioning more than one additional document, explaining why the additional document is necessary, or weaving the potential addition s into your broader analysis. Incorporating outside knowledge of the historical context beyond what is presented in the documents is also a plus.

For document based questions, the central goal is to use all the documents in ways that relate to your thesis and bolster your supporting points. If you can do that in a cohesive essay that flows well, you'll earn most of the points available for this question. Here's a sample long essay question remember, you'll be able to choose between two of these types of questions on the test :. Question 2: Evaluate the extent to which the emergence of Buddhism in the fifth century B.

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In the development of your argument, explain what changed and what stayed the same from the period before the emergence of Buddhism in the fifth century B. A strong answer for this question would include a thesis that makes a claim about the extent to which the emergence Buddhism was a turning point at this time in history. The thesis should go beyond just saying that Buddhism was or was not a turning point - state the reason for your claim in your thesis.

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  • How to Approach AP World History Free-Response Questions.

Your argument should be supported throughout the essay by specific examples that show changes and continuities that occurred between the period before the emergence of Buddhism and the period afterwards. The similarities and differences between the two periods should be woven together to make a larger statement about the impact of Buddhism on world history.

Examples supporting Buddhism as a major turning point include:. If you're arguing in the opposite direction, that Buddhism wasn't a major turning point, you might describe the continued significance of religions like Daoism and Shintoism in East Asia both before and after the fifth century B. Make sure your argument is supported and qualified by other developments during this time period that had a scope beyond Buddhism.

This might include:. You might say that these other developments played a greater role in establishing the fifth century B. Or, if you're arguing that Buddhism was a signficant turning point on its own, you might say that these developments were all secondary indicators of the change that would come about with the spread of Buddhism. To take your essay to the next level, you also need to synthesize your points and expand the argument you're making.

A smart way to do this would be to compare the emergence of Buddhism to other turning points in world history. In making these comparisons, you could bolster your argument for Buddhism as either a major turning point or a less significant development in world history depending on how it compares to these other major cultural shifts.

What Was Canada's Role in World War II | AHA

Raw scoring for multiple choice is simple. You will earn one point for each multiple-choice question you answer correctly for a maximum of 55 points. No points are taken off for incorrect answers, so you should fill in an answer bubble for every question. Each short answer question is worth three points one for each task you're asked to complete in the question.

That means you can earn a total of 12 raw points for your responses to short answer questions. The document based question and long essay question vary in point values. It's more significant to remember that the document based question is worth 25 percent of your score and the long essay question is worth just 15 percent. After the graders determine the number of points you've earned in each section, they'll calculate your two scaled scores based on the exam curve which changes year to year. Then, the two separate scaled scores are added together for a total scaled score, which is converted to a score of on the AP scale.

The scoring methodology is a little less clear right now because of the significant changes that have been made to the exam for More information will become available after students take the revised test for the first time. Here are a few of the most important prep tips for AP World History. If you want even more advice, take a look at this article that delves into more detail on the best study strategies for this exam. This is a course that covers so much information that it can be hard to think of specific examples that relate to your arguments in essay questions.

You should be able to elaborate on one or two concrete events from each period that relate to each theme of the course. Providing specific historical examples in your essay is a way of showing your mastery of the material, but you need to be cautious. This test is less about how much you know and more about how well you understand the connections and underlying themes that connect historical facts. Each fact that you mention should have a purpose. Otherwise, you could get tripped up by choices that are accurate statements about history but inaccurate answers to the question being asked.

In the multiple-choice question we answered above, all of the choices represent valid historical events and trends, but only one provides a correct description of the map. Practice your skills in selecting answers that directly pertain to the evidence presented in the question.

STICK to the specifics of the question! Also, I admire the sacrifices this woman made for the sake of a stock photo both in terms of her dignity and in terms of the pain she must have experienced when ripping that tape out of her hair. The two free-response questions include a document based question, which asks you to incorporate ten real historical documents into your response, and a long essay question. The exam questions address five major historical themes over six eras that stretch back to the beginning of human history.

While this is undoubtedly a lot of information to study, it's important to realize that long-term trends are more important than small details.


You can do extremely well on this test if you just master the major events of each era and understand their essential causes and effects. Looking for some practice materials? Check out our article listing all the AP World History practice tests available online. It's a smart idea to practice your writing skills on document based questions before the exam.

This guide will help you decide based on your goals, academic interests, and schedule. We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:.

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ap world history essay questions wwii Ap world history essay questions wwii
ap world history essay questions wwii Ap world history essay questions wwii
ap world history essay questions wwii Ap world history essay questions wwii
ap world history essay questions wwii Ap world history essay questions wwii
ap world history essay questions wwii Ap world history essay questions wwii
ap world history essay questions wwii Ap world history essay questions wwii
ap world history essay questions wwii Ap world history essay questions wwii
ap world history essay questions wwii Ap world history essay questions wwii

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