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Computer Science Coursework If you are worried about your computer science coursework, we can help you with that. Applied Science Coursework What about applied science coursework? We will review your degree audit, confirm your eligibility to declare, invite you to a Declaration Orientation, and complete a long-term degree plan with you. Grade Policy for students admitted to the CoE beginning and after Fall The College of Engineering CoE requires that every engineering student, regardless of their proposed engineering major, complete specific courses in the core subjects of mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and physics.

Required CoE Core courses are listed below with the number of credits for each course given in parenthesis:. As a general guide, the level CoE Core courses should be completed during or before your freshman year, and the level CoE Core courses should be completed during or before your sophomore year. As part of the above CoE Core requirements, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ABET requires that all CoE students complete 32 credits of non-engineering coursework in math and science during their undergraduate degree: with a minimum of 16 credits from math and including some laboratory-based science credits.

As an engineer, it is important that you learn different modes of thought and areas of human accomplishment to better understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context. To assist students to gain a greater scope of diverse knowledge and to facilitate creativity, the College of Engineering CoE requires that students, who have matriculated into the CoE for the Fall term or later, complete the Intellectual Breadth requirement. Under the Intellectual Breadth requirement, each student must select 16 credits of intellectual breadth courses, subject to these rules:.

Within the ME program, there are additional categories of program specific courses. In total, there are 45 credits of required ME Core courses; and together these subjects represent the fundamental technical competencies every mechanical engineering student must learn.

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The chart below outlines the courses from each of the core areas:. All ME students are required to complete 3 credits of a Specialization Elective. Students must seek pre-approval via a petition to the ME Undergraduate Chair for courses not offered by University departments and experiential courses. Please note that ME is considered an experiential course and thus cannot be used to fulfill the Specialization Elective requirement.

To complete an online petition, please use this petition link. Please choose "Exception to Policy" and make a brief and thorough rationale describing your request and why this exception should be made for you. All ME students are required to complete 9 credits of Advanced Technical Electives to deepen their knowledge within Mechanical Engineering.

Contact a faculty member with whom you are interested in working. Alternatively, you may propose your own project and ask a faculty member to be your advisor. Research experience is encouraged if you are considering graduate school. See the RISE web page for details. See the Approved Advanced Math List. Students who are interested in the Electrical Engineering Minor should contact the EE Department for more information.

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General Elective credits are the remaining credits needed to reach the minimum total credits toward program required for graduation, which usually amounts to 9 to 12 credits of GEs. For transfer students, students that received credit by exam, or students that transferred one or more courses from another institution, your total number of credits from the other categories may not equal credits.

As a result, you may have to enroll in more or less than 9 general elective credits, depending on how many credits are needed to reach the credits required for graduation. For the description of what courses count as General Electives, please visit the CoE Bulletin , and scroll to the bottom of the Core Requirements section.

Each student is responsible for their academic career and progression to graduation. It is important to understand all policies, deadlines, and degree requirements. We are happy to help coach you along this important journey.

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We have several tools and guidelines, including the UG Degree Planning Tools , to help you select your courses in the proper sequence to complete your degree. A great resource to take advantage of when planning your degree is the College of Engineering's Personal Degree Audit. You can access your degree audit through your Wolverine Access under Student Business. When planning your schedule to satisfy all of the degree requirements for the College of Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering department, there are several general guidelines you should follow:.

Within the ME degree there are numerous prerequisites and co-requisites that every student must follow when enrolling for courses. These are illustrated in the table below:. Each row in the diagram represents a sample term within an eight term four year degree, and is laid out to show when a student might take each course to satisfy the prerequisites and co-requisites for the ME degree.

This sample schedule is meant to be a guide only and will likely be different from most students' long-term degree plans. The ME department requires each student to take at least 3 credit hours of economic or financial coursework as part of their Intellectual Breadth requirements.

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A specialization elective is any three credit course that meets the requirement of either 1 having a level or higher prerequisite or 2 being any level or higher ME course. The Mechanical Engineering program offers several dual and joint degree programs. This is just a sample of a schedule that will lead to graduation in eight terms.

Within the undergraduate degree program, the ME department offers two Concentrations: Energy and Manufacturing Systems. Neither of these Concentrations is required, however, they allow interested students to focus their Technical Electives and Specialization Elective in a specific subject area. If you elect to pursue a Concentration in either Energy or Manufacturing, it is possible to satisfy both the ME Technical Elective requirements as well as the requirements for the Concentration, which are provided below.

Click on the Manage Concentration tab, choose the Concentration you would like from the drop-down box, and click Submit Request. After you graduate and the completion of the Concentration has been confirmed, you will see the Concentration on your official transcript, but not your diploma. If you have already declared a Concentration and wish to drop it, simply visit the UG Degree Planning Tools site, choose the concentration you wish to drop, and click Submit Remove Request.

Global economic, geopolitical, and environmental factors all suggest that improvements are needed in the way that energy is produced, converted, and utilized in the modern world. Mechanical systems are integral to all three of these activities. The undergraduate concentration in energy, consisting of 12 credit hours, is defined below. For more information, contact the advisors in the Academic Services Office or Professor Wooldridge mswool umich.

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  • Students must be in good standing to declare the concentration and must pass all classes with satisfactory grades. Students may petition to have alternate courses considered by emailing mswool umich. P1 - Permission of Instructor. This concentration is open to undergraduates pursuing a degree in the Mechanical Engineering department. The MSC focuses on a systems level approach to manufacturing and design for future requirements; it may also increase employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

    The concentration consists of at least 13 credit hours of coursework in manufacturing related areas; specifically, three concentration core courses for 8 hours and two elective courses for hours. ME x90 , , are individual or group project work where students apply mechanical engineering principles to research, innovation, service or entrepreneurship projects.

    Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work alongside world-renowned faculty in state-of-the -art facilities on real-world projects that impact our society and future. Students can participate in a RISE project a individually with an ME professor, b as a member of a larger multi-disciplinary project, or c through their co-curricular experiences across the University e. Students may engage in the RISE program for one or several terms throughout their academic career. This unique experience teaches students to holistically connect all aspects of their UM life including coursework, co-curricular activities, and community to make a lasting difference in the world.

    Visit the RISE page for more information. Students with senior standing can receive Technical Elective credit for completing ME research. ME can count as a level Technical Elective.

    It cannot count as a Core Technical Elective. For students interested in continuing their independent research project over two semesters, or completing two unique independent research projects, they can enroll in ME For students looking to complement their Mechanical Engineering degree with additional coursework in another area of interest, there are several minors and programs available to choose from.

    In general, the department offering the minor is always the one responsible for establishing requirements for that minor and declaring students into the minor.

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    Questions related to a minor should be directed to the specific department. Depending on the minor chosen and the amount of course overlap with ME degree requirements , some courses may be able to be counted for both the BSE degree and the minor. If a course required for a minor will not fit in any of the categories of requirements for the ME degree, it will likely count as a General Elective.

    Students interested in pursuing a minor should visit the websites listed below. Additionally, the CoE Bulletin offers a broad overview of some of these minors that are offered through the College of Engineering and the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Students who engage in Study Abroad opportunities gain first-hand knowledge of other cultures and learn to appreciate cultural diversity.

    In addition, from these experiences, students learn to approach engineering problems with new insight. This experience allows students to more readily adapt to new situations and successfully interact with colleagues from around the world. If you are interested in studying abroad and earning credit internationally, please visit the study abroad section of the International Programs in Engineering website.

    Additional science coursework
    Additional science coursework
    Additional science coursework
    Additional science coursework
    Additional science coursework
    Additional science coursework
    Additional science coursework
    Additional science coursework
    Additional science coursework

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